When the obvious becomes racial profiling

The Swedish government has decided that more immigrants whose application for asylum has been rejected must leave the country. The problem is massive and no one really know just how many people remain when they should have left. There are plenty of Swedes who volunteer when it comes to support and logistics. People are given […]

Burkinis cont’d

What has been transpiring in France has given echo here as well. Some are pro and some are con. Sweden has an issue with clothing and public baths, too. In our case, since our beaches aren’t quite as golden and warm for as long as the ones in France, it’s about our municipal public bath […]

Is it OK to ban the burkini?

Not too long ago, it was common for women in Christian countries to cover themselves. It still is in some, particularly, Catholic and orthodox Christian countries. Women covered their hair, arms and legs. The rich ladies wore hats, some with a thin veil of gauze. Dresses with long sleeves or, if the sleeves were short, […]

Christians just get a little cross

In response to radical Islamist violence against Christians in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East and also the near decapitation of father Jaques Hamel in his church Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France, a Facebook-group, ”Mitt kors”1 (My cross), was started by the group “Kristen opinion”2 (Christian opinion) lead by three women who also happen to […]

Våldtäkt – det handlar om män OCH kultur

Dana Pourkomeylian skriver om våldtäkterna på AB Debatt 28/7-16. Rubriken som har satts är ”Våldtäkt – det handlar om män, inte kultur”. ”98% av alla gärningsmän vid våldtäkt är män.” Tja, hur kontrar man det? Det är ju sant. Tyvärr ligger det i en del mäns natur att vilja stoppa sina maskformiga bihang nummer två […]

Erdogan should be one happy guy right now

The military coup in Turkey has failed and this probably has to do with something that happened a few years ago. Erdogan started a clean-up among the senrior, high-ranking officers. He used various trumped up charges to deal with the ever Kemal Atatürk-faithful military. Oh, Erdogan dealt with prosecutors, police and judges as well as […]