Congruity in incongruity

Sweden is a highly secular state. We have fought hard over the past hundred years or so in order to be able to shed the dark shroud of religion that Christianity, first the Catholic church and later the reformation and Lutheran protestantism, cloaked us in.

We became secular by continuously questioning Christianity, by putting it into perspective. This does not mean that the Swedish people have abandoned God. It just means that Christianity no longer plays an active part in general society.

We have become so secular that all forms of confessional content in our educational system has been banned with the consequence that hardly any national holidays can be manifested any more. They’re all Christian!

Actually, they are not. Many of them are pagan in origin, but it was so easy for the Catholic church to usurp our heathen holidays and cast them in Christian shape. Holy days!

While this has been going on, international accords and treaties now forces us to place religion first and foremost when it comes to all sorts of issues. Legally, when it comes to discrimination, and by self-regulation when it comes to everything else.

Various ancient forms of religious practice makes it impossible for many Muslims to, for instance, shake hands with individuals of the opposite sex. Question this, or try and rectify this incomprehensible behaviour, in terms of a secular society, and you will be chastised, fined and possibly fired. You may, as a last resort, actually have to go to court to be punished for your wrong-doing.

It seems that while we must be secular where Christianity is concerned, we must be religious where Islam is concerned.

This is a very bad thing. While Christianity has survived the millennia by being adaptive, Islam has survived by by being solidly and unshakably dogmatic. Deviate a fraction of an inch from the words of Allah as written in the Quran and you are doomed.

By allowing Islam to affect general society, we will, eventually, be forced to accept Sharia whether we like it or not. We no longer have the only means left with which to conquer Islam – Christianity. We will no longer be a secular state – we will become yet another Islamic republic.


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