Oh, that HARD labour

By accepting Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary into the European Union, we also accepted several millions of some of the poorest people in Europe into our midst. The Roma! And don not even THINK the word “Gypsy”! That would mean you are an antiziganist!

They live under hideous conditions. They really do suffer! That these states so blatantly and studiously refuses to do anything at all about their Roma population is totally inexcusable! How they could get into the EU is totally beyond me, but then us Europeans are some strange kind of megalomaniacs. We really do dream about the United States of Europe! The more of us, the merrier!

However, there are other consequences! Roma economic tourism, and by tourism I do not mean seeing the sites but rather borrowing money enough to be able to buy bus tickets for the next bus trip. Bus trips to Sweden and Norway amongst other countries.

Here, the tour-ists become beggars in the streets. Just walking up Götgatan from Slussen to Skanstull I once counted to just over twenty beggars (including subway stations Slussen, Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull).

All of them dressed in their worst rags. Preferably a spastic or two around, but they are usually busy elsewhere – hanging out downtown where they are more likely to get plenty of handouts.

They sit on the sidewalks leaning against the building. At least one per block but not too many since that will be counter productive. They sometimes assume a kneeling position; palms of the hands pressed together,  seemingly in prayer for some coins or that occasional twenty SEK bill.

The police tried to expell them a few years ago. It seems that there is an old law still around – one that outlaws loitering and begging. But because the Roma is such a poor, poor people, it was deemed inhumane to tear them away from their only livelihood. Work. Begging in the streets. Hard labour.

Now they have increased their job skills! In South-Western Sweden they have become so much more active. Showing incentive, even! They now boldly advance into restaurants and cafés, demanding their bounty in order to leave you, the poor, unfortunate guest alone.

They shake their cups in your face as they accost you in the street. They follow you. And if you give them just a couple of EUROs worth they become slightly irate at your cheap attitude. Surely you rich fucker can easily afford to pay so much more!

They can now hand in their children, free of charge, at the municipally-operated daycare centre in Gothenburg, together with the children of the illegal aliens – those who have had their applications for asylum rejected that final time but still think they have the right to stay. So now the parents are free to… Toil?

How can a parent work if they also have to look out for their offspring? A daycare centre is sooo convenient, don’t you think? Especially when it is free of charge thank to us taxpayers.

They are now free to sit in their cars along the E6 motorway pretending to have run out of petrol or whatever, and could you, please, pretty please!, buy some of our fake gold and equally fake leather clothes so that we can buy gas and go home?

And those who dare to check back, after having been thusly defrauded, may be attacked and robbed at knife point.

These people do not even stoop at throwing their fool’s gold into your car through the window, so carelessly kept open in the summer heat, at the nearest traffic light only to demand that you pay for that expensive gold which so magically seems to have been teleported from their pockets to your vehicle.

And they get away with it. More often than they should.


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