News item – Public dentist in Borlänge swamped

The public service dentist (yes, Sweden has them!) in Jakobsgårdarna, Borlänge is overloaded with immigrant  children to such a degree that ordinary clients with a last visit in 2009, who should have been called back in 2010, are being called now. In 2013. Three years too late!

Public dentists are required by law to prioritise children and during the past six months there are 287 new children to deal with. All of them are immigrants.

Also, old clients are being referred to other public dentists with more time, which is against the law.

The reason is that there are so many new-coming immigrants with children. They are very often from Somalia and have a lousy dental status.

Problems are aggravated by the fact that parents can not read the notices they get, don’t show up on appointments, require interpreters which means that a twenty minute appointment will drag on into an hour.

Queue for an appointment is now five years!


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