Powder keg Sweden

The news about the riots in the Stockholm suburb of Husby in May made it across the world and the impact left many stunned. Riots? In Swedish suburbs? WTF?

This time it wasn’t just one suburb. It happened in more or less a dozen suburbs around Stockholm. The rioting spread to places where you didn’t expect any rioting. Places we know exist on the map but that was it.

There has been rioting here before. Many times. At least a couple of times a year, cars, garages, trash containers, schools, daycare centres, shops burn in larger numbers than usual and for enough nights in a row in any number of our ethnic Swede sparse suburbs for national media to mention it. That’s when we get to read about it in national newspapers or see it on public television. That’s when public radio does a documentary or a series on the subject.

Police gets constantly lured into ambushes. Ambulance and fire brigades need police escort and clearance before driving into certain neighbourhoods and even park maintenance personnel think about resigning when they have to work in those suburbs. Postmen protest and deliver mail only once a week in at least one such neighbourhood and then only when escorted by either a police officer or a rent-a-cop. Janitors gets beaten up in the basements of run down apartment buildings and want to work in pairs or be escorted.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

In one town, the Swedish mail tried delivering all mail to one person living in one of the houses in a neighbourhood and this person would then deliver to the rest. Presumably earning some money in the process. The reason was that the mail had to be delivered. It just couldn’t be delivered. Not by an ethnic Swedish postman. Only if he was die-hard masochist or not afraid to die.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

In some suburbs, public schools are one hundred percent segregated – one hundred percent kids with immigrant background and no ethnic Swedes. Some public schools have been forced to close because it is pointless to run them. Results are plummeting despite a decade of added resources and attention from the school board but when then common language used during breaks is Arabic, then it’s not so hard to understand that it is almost impossible to operate a school in such an area.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

In most of these suburbs, only twenty to thirty percent of the pupils in the public elementary schools get grades high enough to be able to join the national programmes at high-school. Many kids pass in only two, three or four subjects and fail in all others.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

Ethnic Swedish parents usually takes their kids out of the public schools and put them in charter schools, if they can, when the level of kids with immigrant background gets to be around 15 to 20 percent. Because that’s when the chaos sets in. Not because the kids with immigrant background are evil, although I’m sure some people would like to think that’s the case; It’s because they are having problems. Serious problems.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

Many of them are newcomers and their Swedish is yet so poor they can’t follow classes which makes they unruly. They are often from large families and there’s neither room nor peace and quiet enough at home for them to do their home work. Many have parents who are totally illiterate or who have attended any form of school for only a few years so there is no one around to help them. And when they get older the parents may kick them out until late in the evening just to keep the peace at home. The kids slip behind more and more for every year.

Eventually, they give up and blame the ethnic Swedes for their failure.

News like this is hardly ever mentioned on national media.

It doesn’t really matter that these kids are… unfortunate. They still cause havoc. They cause havoc when they’re young and many of them keep causing havoc as they grow older. And because of our immigration policy (which we don’t really have but then that’s also a policy) we’re just getting more and more and more of them.

To the errant surfer living in the US or the UK, France or Germany this is hardly news. Here in Sweden, almost all of this is news. Because media doesn’t mention it. I think you may be familiar with the reason to why, but more about that in a later post.


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