News Item – Kindergarten Can’t Take It Any More!

That kindergarten is located in Ljusne and the staff is exhausted. A massive influx of immigrant children has brought this particular kindergarten to its knees.

Article here and Googleated to English here.

As the number of asylum seekers and family reunifications (mostly Somali) increases, kindergartens, schools and public dentists as well as municipality administrated social welfare in kneeling under the pressure of newcomers who must be dealt with by law.

Sweden, however, will still keeps its doors open to anybody. More and more immigrants, please! The more enriched we become the better.

More kids to kill our public dentists, kindergartens and elementary schools. More 40 years old Somali women with nine kids and three years in SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) and still can’t speak a single word of Swedish.


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