It’s happened again

Another gang-bang. Several men raping yet another girl. This time on Gotland, Sweden’s largest island in the Baltic sea. And right when “Almedalsveckan”, the largest political meeting, is taking place.

The perps have been named. One is a rap “artist” from an area close to Husby, the suburb that burned not too many weeks ago. It seems some of the perps are affiliated with “Megafonen” (The Megaphone) but that’s still to be confirmed. As is the party that rented the cabins where these men stayed and where the rape took place.

Megafonen is an organization formed by people living in Husby and surrounding suburbs.

Now why does this make me think that men with immigrant background has done this? And some reader will now think… Otherwise!

Ethnic Swedish men rape women, too. Unfortunately they do. And they can be awfully brutal as well. But they’re almost invariably solitaires! They rarely rape in packs which men with immigrant background does. As far as I know, 100 percent of the rapes where more than one man is involved have been carried out by immigrant men.

What is is with the extra-EU men? They’re never Danes, Germans, French or Spaniards.

What is it that is so fascinating with feeling your cock slide in another man’s cum? Or is it the knowledge that another man’s cock will slide in your cum? Is it your inherent homosexuality? God knows that Arab men are keen on butt fucking.


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