Illegal’s rights to medical care on equal terms

Since July 1st, illegal aliens in Sweden have unlimited access to medical services and not just the emergency treatment everybody is entitled to.

Not only is it now available to criminals but the costs are also reduced as compared to what any Swedish citizen or those with temporary or permanent permits of residence will have to pay.

Illegal aliens are criminals. They have failed, through a number of appeals, to convince the migration services and the migration courts of their justifiable right to be granted asylum in Sweden.

Since a while back, the children of illegal aliens have a right to attend school here. I don’t mind that. The children are not responsible for their parent’s crimes. Neither should their children be denied medical care – even care outside of emergency treatment.

The latest idiocy is the suggestion that every child born in Sweden should automatically become a Swedish national.

Sweden practice “Jus sanguinis” meaning that children will be considered to “inherit” the nationality of its parents, primarily the mother. Other countries practice “Jus soli” meaning that citizenship comes with place of birth.

Should we decide to change practice, this would mean that any person could come here, deliver and then pretty soon apply for asylum be means of connection to Sweden via their child’s/children’s Swedish nationality.

This is quite in line with the ongoing process to erode what is left of our so called restrictive immigration policy. Something which is almost a joke because there is no longer any political influence that matters. All has been left to civil servants in the immigration services and the lawyers in the immigration court system.


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