Islamic Insanity

The aggressiveness of some forms of Islam knows no bounds. The latest atrocity seems to come, yet again, from Saudi Arabia – home of Wahabism – where all people, even those who are not Muslims – if there are any such in SA – and  all foreigners must “respect” Islam by not eating, drinking or having sex during Ramadan.


I write the word respect within quotation marks because that Muslim respect is more and more starting to sound like what comes out of the mouth of the hoodlum when he wants the respect he doesn’t deserve from others.

But I guess the Saudis have a right to do this. After all, it’s their Godforsaken – although I doubt they’ll agree to that – country!

Saudi Arabia is also the country that, not long ago, decided to punish two non-Saudi maids charged with exercising sorcery in the home of their employer with one thousand lashes – yes, honest to Go… ahem… Allah!, flogging and ten years in prison.

I wonder if they’ll flog the two women first and save money by killing them before they have to go to prison or if they’re going to have a bit of protracted “fun” by flogging them just a little each time so they’ll last longer.

Seems these two “witches” sucked big time at their craft or they didn’t call the right daemons!

By the way, it seems that there is a shortage of executioners in SA! I must say I concur, but not for the same reasons.


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