Newly Arrived… Swedes?

In this country, where everything that has to do with immigration must be spelled out for us barbarian ethnic Swedish dummies as something positive that we cannot possibly be without, there is a now a brand new concept!

“Nyanlända svenskar” or Newly Arrived Swedes!

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? If they’re newly arrived, how can they be Swedes? If they’re Swedes, how can they be newly arrived?

Seems that all it takes, these days, to become a Swede is to cross the border to Sweden! And this latest idiocy was perpetrated by our more-than-competent (not!) minister of integration, Erik Ullenhag (lib),  in a response to a post on Twitter.

“Thanks @antilagom for all you have given Sweden. You and the other Swedes who came here fleeing has changed and improved Sweden #Flyktingdagen” (Googleated)

I wonder… If I go abroad and then come back… Will that mean that I, as an ethnic Swede, will also be considered to be a Swede? I’m certainly not as it is today. Today, I am just a pathetic old dinosaur who ought to know better and lay myself down to die.

According to former party leader for the Social Democratic Labour Party, Mona Sahlin, it’s the white people that are the problem.



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