Another Side of Nuts

After having ranted about Muslims and Islam, now is the time for a rant about Christians and Christianity.

God (pun intended) knows that the monomaniacal stupidity of some Christians knows no bounds. Take, for instance, the Westboro Baptist Church and its leader, Fred Phelps.

This super-sized moron, a prime example of why foetus diagnostics (not that this kind of aberration could be found – yet) and abortions should be freely available, has taken upon himself and his measly little church for the religiously insane to crusade against sin as he and the Bible sees fit to define it.

A substantial part of this crusading is picketing the funerals of the deceased “sinners”. Like  dead soldiers, victims of accidents and even murder victims like those of the Virginia Tech school massacre.

Why does he do it? Because he wants to warn people of God’s wrath against sinners and for some reason most of the dead people seems to be sinners. Or involuntary victims of sinners.

Imagine what it must feel like at the funeral of a loved person to have this deranged mob howling like the deranged banshees they are outside the gates of the cemetery? To have to walk or drive past the picket not just once but twice?

Phred… Oops! Sorry! (That was low, I know, but this man makes my teeth itch!) Fred Phelps certainly hates gay people because they’re really, really bad sinners – a lot worse than Adam and Eve after having consumed that wonderfully sweet apple in the garden of Eden – and gay people are, in fact, the root of most evil. Hence the site Take it easy, now! There is a “counter site” of sorts –

And, yes, gays are the cause of, at least, the death of many of the soldiers, Phelps thinks. Gays in the military? Oh! Horror! Of course soldiers die!

One of the greater comforts is that some gay people have acquired the house just across the street to the WBC church and painted it in the proper colours!

Phre… Here I go again! Fred Phelps also decided to burn a Quran! You may remember the uproar this created. As far as I can remember, he did, eventually, go ahead with the burning. Correct me if I’m wrong here. Alzheimer sets in early!

There are some things you just don’t do: you don’t defile temples of any kind in any way; you don’t burn holy scriptures of any kind and you don’t picket anybody’s funeral!

Fred Phelps and his pitiful little outfit, the WBC, don’t seem to get these simple facts.

Phelps and the WBC may hold any opinion they want and preach whatever they want in that little ramshackle church of theirs and they may tell others about it – but they have no right to impose their particular form of insanity on others the way they do.


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