The Big Rant – Part I

I’ve touched on the subject but never delved into it. Here is one attempt.

This is not going to be easy. So much isn’t clear in my mind yet. So much to sort out and formulate. So bear with me. This is the beginning.

Sweden is a peculiar place where the debate about immigration and immigrants is concerned. First of all, know that Sweden is a do-gooder country. This means that we’re driven by old ideals that does no longer belong in the current world. We’re riding on the reputation of times long since gone by – or we, at least, want to be.

Our solidarity with Vietnam, South and Central American states like El Salvador, Chile and Nicaragua and European dictatorships like Greece, Spain and Portugal during the 1960s and 1970s has withered away, but the remnants remain in our conciousness. So does the desire to repeat deeds done a long time ago and our desire to reclaim the position as one of the world’s most famous nations where care, concern and solidarity counts.

We still nourish notions of grandeur. Who doesn’t remember Olof Palme together with a representative from North Vietnam in the May 1st (labour day) demonstration back in 1968? Oh? Really? 😉 Well, I do! Needless to say, this made the White House blow its top off and made the US call back the ambassador to Sweden for a looong time!

Today, we’re missing our position as do-gooders of the world, and, since we joined the EU, the Swedish voice in the United Nations has been silenced forever – succumbed that we have (deferred to some) to the mighty unified voice of the European Union.

So, how can we “repent”? Show that we are still the same old do-gooders of old times? By accepting lots and lots and even more immigrants!

We’re a rich country and it is our more or less sworn duty to take in as many poor and persecuted people as we possibly can. Doesn’t matter that we don’t have apartments for the people we take in. Doesn’t matter that we don’t have jobs for the people we take in. Doesn’t matter one bit.

Seems the general consensus from politicians from all parties except one and from most of the public figureheads in media; arts and opinion that nothing matters more than to take in as many immigrants as possible.

For this reason, Sweden gave up all political control over immigration a long time ago. Now, immigration is run by the immigration services and the immigration courts and parliament and government has absolutely nothing to say about it. They don’t even want to have anything at all to say. In fact, they have nothing at all to say except one thing; MORE, MORE, MORE!

It’s almost like we want to show them all, the immigrants, off to the rest of the world. Look at us! Look at how many immigrants, the poor outcasts of the world, that we have taken, unselfishly, upon ourselves to save from doom! It seems that we want to rub your noses in it. See what we have done when you have done shit!

This desire to honour the ideals of olden time has made Sweden into almost an insufferable place to live. The climate of the debate here is so infected that even the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has stated quite openly that members of the only party in the parliament opposing the current immigration must be prepared to encounter violence. It’s a price one has to pay, the PM seems to think. That’s the cost of opposing the do-gooder way.

As one municipality politician representing Sweden Democrats has learned the hard way. There has been attempts to torch his house with him in it. His car has been torched. His summer house has been burned down and he has been assaulted and beaten to the ground in broad daylight.

The Prime Minister has also stated that because Sweden Democrats was voted into parliament (there is a four percent limit) back in 2010, Sweden would take in even more “refugees”. Just to punish the entire Swedish people because four percent of it had the temerity to vote for the Sweden Democrats. This the PM said in a speech to some university students.

There can, at least in national media, never be published any news that goes against the line that states that immigration is good and that all immigrants are good. We’re constantly told that we must acknowledge the competence of immigrants, that they are enriching us and that they will save our pensions! Yes! True! The fact that the character of the stream of immigrants has changed radically over the years doesn’t matter one bit.

Of the Somalis coming here, 40+ percent have only pre-high school education (which means anything from (majority) total illiteracy to ten years of elementary school). Another 20+ percent has a high school education  (whatever that means) and another 10 percent has a university degree.

Today we are told that we must at all cost recognize the competence of the totally illiterate Somali mother of nine who will never ever be able to learn the Swedish language nor will she ever be able to contribute at all to our society. Except, possibly, through her children.

No matter what happens, if there is a story to be told, no matter how much it can be twisted – and, trust me, it will be twisted! – that will make us reach for our hankies, it will be told in such a fashion that we will reach for our hankies.

We must at all cost be made to feel sorry for the immigrants. We must at all cost be made to want to take them in. We must at all cost be made to feel guilty. Guilty that we’re not taking in the entire world and because we are such racists, Islamophobics and, yes, even fascists.

The OECD states, in a recently published report, that Sweden is one of the least racist countries in the world. How is this reported in Swedish national media? Can we now relax a bit? No! Of course not! There’s just a temporary lull in the otherwise constant barrage of accusations of us ethnic Swedes being the white problem, the racists, the fascists, the Islamophobics of the world.

Enough for now, or my BP will hit the roof!



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