What’s In a Name?

There appears to have been a study of given names correlated with school results in Belgium.

It seems that those bearing the name Mohammed don’t deliver at all. Of course the poor results isn’t because of their names – if only it was that simple!

It has to to with the socio-economic environment of their parents and, hence, the parent’s propensity for giving their children certain names.

In Sweden, there have been discussions on Internet fora for parents about certain names. The context has been “White Trash“. What given names are associated with the concept of white trash?

One name which is rather frequent on these sites is… Kevin!

Personally, I think that Kevin is sort of cute. But that’s just me! But take a look on the chart and you’ll find Kevin pretty high on the left side of the chart. There are plenty of Kevins in Belgium who don’t do very well at all.

And more or less en par with Kevin, albeit at lower numbers, is Mohammed.


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