Roma Issues Again

On July 16th, 2013, the Daily Mail reports about a leaked paper from the German ministry of the interior. According to the report, massive immigration from mostly Bulgaria and Romania may risk “social peace” in several German cities. The article in the Daily Mail does, however, not spell out that most of the people coming into Germany are Roma.

“The German statistics office estimates that 437,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have travelled to the country over the past three years alone, with numbers rising to 176,000 last year.”

“The leaked report from Germany’s interior ministry – the equivalent of the UK’s Home Office – says that migration from Romania and Bulgaria poses a risk to ‘social peace’ in major cities.”

“It says schools are under pressure because of the arrival of high numbers of non-German speaking pupils who hold back progress for local children.”

Eight EU countries currently impose restrictions on people from Bulgaria and Romania in the form of requiring work permits. These restrictions will be lifted no later than January 1st, 2014.

Countries which have not imposed restrictions rely on the usual EU regulations; you are allowed to go anywhere in the EU to look for work for a period of three months. If you haven’t found work after that you must leave. These regulations means that it is impossible to stop the masses of beggars that come from impoverished Roma communities all over the EU.

These beggars usually sit quietly with an outstretched mug, sometimes on their knees with hands held together in front of them as if in prayer. Some are crippled and some are more aggressive, confronting people in the streets openly asking for money. Some ply the outdoor tables of cafés and restaurants and some even venture inside to shove their mugs right under the noses of the guests.

Some steal. They’re pickpockets and they prey on older people using ATMs. They’re tricksters and conmen doing card or other tricks in the streets luring bystanders and passers by to bet money. They try to peddle fake gold items and leather jackets of extremely poor quality. They also rob senior citizens.

Wherever they settle down they strew garbage around them. They either squat in empty buildings or they build shanty towns of whatever they can find. Some bring with them or acquire campers or they sleep under the bare sky.

Last year or early this year there were reports that the Louvre in Paris had to close for a few days to address the problem of masses of Roma children amongst the tourists, targeting them as easy victims of confidence tricks and picking their pockets.

While these reports can be read in newspapers in most of the EU, nothing is ever printed in Swedish national media. With the fact that, as of July 1st, illegal aliens in Sweden have been extended the rights to all forms of medical care at the same cost those who are here seeking asylum which is far lower than any Swedish citizen will have to pay (See my post), whatever is written about is that we must extend the same rights to these the poorest people.

Given the scanty education given to, and accepted by, the Roma populations in Europe, it is hard to see how these people will be able to get jobs in communities requiring far more than they are, today, capable of offering except the lowest paid jobs. And we have unemployed citizens who could, perhaps, take those jobs provided they’re above board.

The only possible way to avoid further problems is to put even more pressure on countries like Bulgaria and Romania, but also others, to start dealing with their domestic problems rather than doing nothing and foisting them off on other EU countries. But then that will be hard, because these countries are, if not the poorest, then at least among the poorest.


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