Roma Issues Again II

Yesterday, the Daily Mail wrote a piece they got from the Paris Match. Paris Match wrote eight whole pages about the Roma pickpockets that seems to be flooding Paris, targeting virtually everybody who isn’t found dead and naked (no purse and no plastic).

There’s starting to be so many Roma issues now that I’ve created a sub-category under Rantings and Ravings; Roma Issues – plain and simple.

What can be seen, and far, far from the first time, in Paris is something we haven’t really seen in Sweden. Yet. I am, however, sure it will came here, too, considering the fact that we have no legal way to protect ourselves.

What hasn’t been seen here, yet, is the use of children preying on people by the ATMs. According to earlier reports, Roma children have made life hard for Le Louvre and the visitors.

When they do get here, our local do-gooder nincompoops will cry their hearts out for the little thieving rats and demand that we let them stay here so they can become Swedish citizens and live happily ever after. Yes, folks! Our local do-gooders are like that. They’ve already created a day-care centre for illegal aliens and visiting criminals so they can be sure their offspring is safe and sound and fed at the taxpayer’s expense while the parents are out on the streets begging for money or cruising around the motor ways as road pirates.

There are 2+ million Roma around and the absolute majority are poor as church mice. Soon, it appears, we will be, too!


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