Newly Arrived… Swedes? II

A new concept in the politically correct Sweden, is to make all immigrants Swedes no matter whether they like it or not or want it or not. We are to refer to them as “newly arrived Swedes”. I wrote a post about that a short while ago.

Expressen, Sweden’s second largest national evening newspaper, has an editorial [Googleated sv->en] about the use of the concept, or rather the idiocy behind the invention of an oxymoron of a concept. But it is all in line with the self-gratification of the Swedish pro-immigration (just bring them all on!)  folks who just sees one single colour in the palette it it sure as hell ain’t Swedish.

I am almost (but not quite) waiting for social democratic Aftonbladet, competitor about the single copy market and a fervent “Vi gillar olika” (we like different) fan to join in. Just because this is different.

But nooo! Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of “different” that Aftonbladet likes, so what will come from their editors will be… Outrage at this horrid attempt to “put group against group”.

Aftonbladet launched the campaign “Vi gillar olika” quite a while ago. The concept means “we like (all) immigrants (just because that’s a thorn in the side of the measly racists in Sverigedemokraterna)”. Ever since, and quite a while before that actually, Aftonbladet has chosen a line where not one single word may be printed if it can, even remotely, be construed as going against immigration policy, which is against immigration, which is against immigrants, which is against the single immigrant individual.

In fact, Aftonbladet, and not just them, are even lying through their teeth when it comes to celebrating the arrival of immigrants. Can a story, with a twist and a tweak, be turned into a three hankie story, it will. Even if it goes so far as to read that OECD report “International Migration Outlook 2013” like the devil himself might read the Bible.

All journalists (as far as I know) working for national media stopped reading when they got to appendix 3.A1. They stopped after reading  one page in appendix, 3.A1.2. They could have continued reading 3.A1.3 where it’s pointed out that Sweden pays 10 times the social benefits to immigrants as the OECD calculated average. They could have continued reading to the 3.A1.2(?) on page 176 where it is made pretty clear that Sweden is the second biggest loser on immigration.


The story that “everybody” supports is that immigrants will earn us about 20.000+ SEK per household while, in truth, could they have been bothered with continued reading (which should be what the actually get paid for), it’s quite clear that Sweden is will “earn” about minus 0.7 percent of our GDP on immigration.

At least the kind of immigration we’re mindlessly taking in right now.


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