Roma Issues Again III

The current list of what Roma do in Sweden:

  • Hugging – someone hugs you just because… Beware! That hug isn’t given for the love of you but for the love of the green in your wallet and you may just have lost it.
  • Fake coppers and pretend relatives. There’s no end to the ingenuity when it comes to tricking their way into old folks homes. Fake police, home care… And pretending to be a relative in need of money. Often a grand child. They’re not, have never been and will never be.
  • ATM scams. Someone watching over your shoulder as you type in your PIN code? You don’t get any bills? If so, check the slot. It is probably blocked, so just stay put until the machine tells you it took the bills back. And don’t let anyone distract you. If they insist, knee them in the groin and forget if they’re kids. Their balls hurt just as much (especially for those going to France).
  • Deaf and mute? Forget it! They’re not! It’s a scam and nothing else. They’re just preying on your humanity.
  • The map trick! They descend on you at an outdoor café or restaurant, the subway or a bus and they spread out a map and start to ask you how to get to some place. If you’ve left your cell phone on the table, it’s now gone! Check your wallets, purses, pockets, handbags. They’re fast, smart and stealthy and they will rob you blind in no time at all.
  • Road pirates. They have stopped beside the road, bonnet up and they flag you down. They’ve run out of fuel and have no cash, sooo… They want to peddle this veeery expensive golden heirloom to you, or a couple of expensive, but oh so fake, leather jackets for a measly little nothing. No, it’s not gold and if there’s any quality at all in that leather jacket you just bought… How come it was so cheap? Too good to be true? It usually is!
  • Begging in the streets. They’re like inevitable. They just never stop coming so stop giving them anything. Yes, they really do need they money but the more they get the more of them there will be just in time for the next bus to arrive from Bulgaria or Romania. Beware of the spastics! They probably are but then that just another way of preying on your humanity. Also note that it is not uncommon, these days, for beggars to come into cafés and restaurants to shove a jug right under your nose. Give nothing! Just send them off!

This time, is warning. But since they’re so politically correct, they say “gangs” with no specification as to origin.


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