Twittwerism II

Seems that Twitter is a pretty big fascist site! Should I hesitate to use that word? No! Twitter silently blocks tweets containing certain URLs, like the and the shorter, too. Plus an inordinate number of other URLs. There is no word of warning. No message that, sorry, we don’t allow this URL to appear. Tweets just die. Silently. Oh, they appear in your personal channel but any hash tag is totally ignored. As are @s.

So, therefore… Twitter is a fascist site. And a pretty big one to boot.

Their censorship isn’t declared or defined anywhere as far as I know. There are rumours and suspicions around but not one clear statement that, yes, Twitter does censor tweets and here are the grounds for censorship.

By doing this, quietly and under the cover, they have taken upon themselves to decide what is OK and what is not OK. They have taken upon themselves to become a police (state). And what do we call police states? Usually dictatorships.

What are their standards? What do they allow and what don’t they allow? Who watches over Twitter and ensures transparency? What transparency? Twitter is as opaque as a brick wall!

I have an earlier rant about Twitter…


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