Catholic transgressions

Mostly, Islam irks me. But if you’ve read this, you know that “Christianity” can really pull my chain, too.

It’s happened again just like 10-15 years ago and in the same part of the world, too. In South America! A young girl, 11 years old, is now pregnant after having been raped by her stepfather. Just like the last time but that was in either Nicaragua or El Salvador.

Then, I don’t remember having learned the outcome. An abortion was so totally out of the question because of the Catholic church which is very powerful in SA. I hope the poor child at least got a c-section or she would have split right down the middle.

No, it’s happening in Chile. The news came in early June, if I’m not mistaken.

It hasn’t been mentioned in Sweden, really. Except public radio carried it and perhaps one of the national newspapers.

This country, Sweden, is starting to nauseate me something terrible. All controversial issues are under a constant black-out. Why? Are we all sissies in this Godsforsaken place in the North?

Let’s also make this perfectly clear! I’m in favour of the right to abortions. Women will always be the primary care person for a child so only she and she alone can decide. And, no, hubbie, boy friend, lover, one night stand has no say in the matter.

Rape victims must certainly have to right to an abortion.

There must be access to contraceptives.

This religious poppycock, usually from men, about how Life is sacrosanct… *sigh*

There are probably hundreds of millions of kids out there in the world who has nobody to care for them. Some are orphans, some have just been kicked out or left on the doorstep of an orphanage because they have a disability. Or because the mother found herself under “unfortunate circumstances”, knowing quite well she cannot raise a child for a multitude of reasons.

Are all these religious men around the world taking their responsibilities? Are they taking care of all those children? of course they aren’t!

And, being an atheist, no. Life isn’t sacrosanct. Just take a look around and see what any life is worth.

Look, kids have a right to be wanted, loved, nurtured, cared for, comforted and generally given the best chances. If that can’t happen then an abortion is the right thing. There’s enough misery on this planet and there’s no need to create that much more.


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