News Item – Sharia in Swedish Courts?

A single coming “child” was recently dragged before the court in Visby, Gotland, on rape charges.

He, 16+, at least, because the “children”, as they must be referred to since we adhere to the UN convention on the rights of children and a child is up to and including 18 years old, usually claim they are around 15 or 16 since that protects them from deportation according to Swedish law, denied charges.

The court acknowledged the, then 14 year old girl’s story. They did believe her and didn’t think that she lied(!) to the court. Why the heck should she? And, rightly, they (smart people! Really smart people!) couldn’t come up with any reason why she would be lying. Not to forget, there were also seven witnesses on her side.

But… While two jurors wanted to convict the “boy” of rape, one juror (actually layman judge in Sweden) and the lawyer judge, with his extra vote, outvoted the other two thus freeing the “boy” of all charges. They actually threw the case right out through the front door.

It seems that, while they had no reason to distrust the victim and her testimony, they still lacked evidence since the “boy” flat out denied everything. Like he was ever going to confess to have raped an ethnic Swedish girl “back and front”, so to speak.

And the “boy” walked… Scott free. Also, the “boy” may be eligible to compensation.

What do Swedish courts require when it comes to immigrant “boys” from Muslim countries (Afghanistan)? Four male witnesses like Sharia demands?

Allahu Akbar!

Let’s just hope prosecution appeals this to the next higher court!


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