Pushing the limits

Over the years, more and more Roma people, mostly from Romania, have come to Sweden to beg in the streets. They sit outside major grocery stores, monopoly liquor stores, banks, outside and inside subway stations or just scattered along the streets. Sometimes with only 15-20 meters apart. They sit where they pay their capos to be allowed to sit. There’s no randomness here. It’s all thought out in advance.

Because they have all the strategic places pat down, they’re being told where to sit. And since begging can be a lucrative business, there’s money to be made. Some people “sell” the best places and if you don’t pay you’re driven off the patch. With violence if need be.

There are no children begging the the Swedish streets thanks to our strong sense of need of protecting children. The social services are very vigilant and well as the police. Any sign of any child looking not Swedish and lost or begging, the authorities would come down in an instant and that is good and proper.

In the UK, for example, Roma children are used as a means to elicit more money from people. The women don’t even stoop at assuming a Muslim look since Muslims should share with those who are poor. The BBC has a one hour documentary on YouTube.


The Roma have, however, found a new way of being “taken care of” in Sweden. By bringing their children here, some parts of the rather naïve public and some local community governments have decided to open shelters and daycare centers for these people.

The parents can dump their kids at the taxpayer’s expense while they’re out “working” – begging in the streets or working, during the summers, as more or less highway men stopping people pretending their cars have broken down. In return for help, these people offer “gold”.

As of late, they also offer violence. They don’t even hesitate to rob victims of road accidents. People trapped by their seat belts in overturned their cars gets “help” – and are being relieved of wallets and handbags in the process.

Now the stories are being spread of families with four, five or six children living in cars and caravans. And, of course, the call is out! These children must be allowed to go to school in Sweden! After all, since we’re a humanitarian superpower and already allow illegal alien’s kids to go to school just like Swedish children, it’s only fair. Right?

But once these kids start to attend school, social services will have a lead, trace them back to their chilled out cars and hazardous caravans and what will happen next is that these people must have proper living. Yet again at the taxpayer’s expense. Again, the naïve public will demand proper living conditions for these people. Adults may sleep out in the open but certainly not children!

The Romanian Roma are EU citizens and can therefore not apply for asylum in Sweden. Neither can they be deported. After a year or two, thanks to the connection established by their children, no one will be able to tell them to leave. They will stay, in apartments paid for by the social services, their children will go to our schools and their parents will continue begging in the streets for extras while they still receive social benefits. They will get free health care and medical treatment, dental care and medicines for free. They will eve get supported in their old age.

If things get really worse, this is what will happen. Another BBC documentary shows how Roma children are turned into thieves.


Watching these two documentaries, I realize even more how Sweden is shaped by the imbecile dogooders. No negative news at all, about either Roma or other immigrants, is allowed to be published in Swedish main stream media. You can find bits and pieces in local rags. And foreign media.

Just a note! Those horrible girl sex rings in the UK, where so far almost exclusively Pakistani men have been charged, were reported on recently in Swedish media. There was not one single word about the origin of the perpetrators. Not a single word no the reason to why nothing had been done in about ten to fifteen years by the police and the social services.

For us who have read the UK papers online and who have seen the news reports and documentaries, the behaviour of Swedish media is totally incomprehensible. Until you remember!

Sweden is a humanitarian superpower!


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