Is Sweden still a democracy?

After today’s announcement that the extra (snap) election is off and that an agreement has been struck between the current minority government consisting of Social democrats and the environmentalist Green party and the former government alliance that question may indeed be asked!

Out of eight parties in the Swedish parliament, seven now work together, although one not mentioned – the Left (former Communist) party – against one, the new conservative party Sweden democrats.

And all because of one single issue! SD wants to put a clamp on the mindless immigration into Sweden. Sweden has the highest number of so called asylum seekers relative to its population of all of the EU countries (EUROSTAT

In Sweden it is expressly forbidden to talk about volumes. While there is no housing left and there are no jobs left for the kind of people that we take in, we can only talk about how to build more apartments (although that may take five to ten years) and how to “create” more jobs (not without changing social structure at its core).

Since today, when seven out of eight parties in parliament have joined forces and a vote on any of those seven is a vote for the identical politics, Sweden is no longer a democracy.

Is this the time when we should call for a UN intervention?


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