On Boxing Day a “Mosque” burned…

It happened in Eskilstuna, a small town in Sweden. Prayer commenced at 12.52 PM sharp and shortly after that, the call went out; “Fire! The fire is loose!”.

The so called Mosque is a ground floor facility, probably for commercial use originally. Since then, the area has been inundated with immigrants. Many, apparently, from Somalia since the Da’wah Mosque was mainly for Somalis. It was not designed to serve as a Mosque. It was just… used as a Mosque.

No one was seriously injured, thank the Almighty for that! Minor injuries; two inhaled smoke, two scratches and one possible with leg injuries after jumping. Not out the window of the Mosque but, rather, from the floor above. The rest of the building is an apartment building.

This is a cell phone video shot by one of the Somali people (fb:Axmed Khayr – linked without permission) who (probably) was inside the Mosque and then evacuated.

Almost immediately, the police supervisor on the spot related to media that (a) witness(es) claimed that a man had been seen outside the Mosque tossing something in through either the door or a window. In the video above you can see that there are plenty of Windows at street level. Considering, however, that it is winter here and temperatures are below 0 C, it isn’t likely that too many windows would be open.

Media, politicians and various other “personages” immediately pointed finger at the conservative, populist and anti-immigration party Sweden democrats. Not directly, mind you. No one pointed finger together with any outright accusations. But the meaning was quite clear. Since we (Sweden) now have a populist and anti-immigration party in the parliament (since 2010), they are implicitly responsible for this racist hate crime.

And the police has yet to come up with evidence that a hate crime has been committed!

A crime, though, has indeed been committed. Right now this is treated as arson but that may change depending on the outcome of the forensic investigation. So far, dogs trained to find accelerants have been sent through but have, so far, found nothing. This means that the initial witness reports of a man having thrown something may not be worth much.

At the same time, there are great numbers of illegal aliens in Sweden. People who has seen their applications for asylum turned down but who refuse to leave. The initial reports said that some 70 people was in the Mosque when the fire broke out but then only about 20 people have been accounted for (uncertain information).

The general message sent through in almost all media and from political parties all the way up to government officials and ministers is that this is, indeed, a racially motivated hate crime perpetrated by extreme right-wing forces. Also, the message that goes out is that ethnic Swedes did this and that, therefore, all ethnic Swedes are racists and fascists and that all of us probably stood in line to get the chance to commit this crime.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear! While it has not yet been proven to be either a hate crime nor an accident nor any other type of crime, it is unlikely that any ethnic Swede of any political persuasion would do this.

First, you don’t attack temples or holy places. Not that we’re a religious people, but we do have manners!

No right-winger in his right mind would go into a predominantly black neighbourhood to toss a bottle of accelerant into a locale serving as a Mosque. And certainly not in broad daylight!

What we’re seeing here, is a very strange phenomena that inflicts so many Swedes!  I don’t have a name for this particular and mind-paralyzing disease. It leads to a, very much one-sided, propaganda war where the ethnic Swede is the constant culprit.

We’re despicable proper and structural racists. We’re fascists. We have no culture except silly stuff and what culture we do have was brought by immigrants in recent days.

Our former PM, Fredrik Reinfeldt, just told us in an interview that were at a cross-roads between what ethnic Swedes of two or three generations(!!!) wants Sweden to be and what the immigrants coming here now wants Sweden to be.

He also stated that he certainly hopes for the latter!

He hopes that immigrants will decide over ethnic Swedes what our country should become.

Oh well! I’m ranting and raving! But that’s my prerogative, isn’t it! 😉


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