Let’s shake hands on shaking hands

Again it’s happened! A man, new at his job and coming from an employment agency, refuses to shake hands with women.

Let’s make this crystal clear! In public life, and especially at work, one must at all times adhere to the normative rules that regulates life in order to avoid problems and issues.

What one does in one’s private life, however, is up to the interacting individuals and acceptable as long as now laws and regulations are violated all all parties involved are consenting.

The contract with the employment agency about this individual was terminated ahead of time and the man has now gone to the anti-discrimination ombudsman to get compensation for what he feels is a violation of his religious belief.

The man, needless to point out, but I’m still doing it, is of course Muslim.

Again, let’s be crystal clear! This has nothing at all to do with the man’s proposed religious belief. What he thinks is behind the terminated contract is his interpretation.

The man is, however, guilty of general ineptitude in not being able to comprehend that he no longer lives in a community where the normative behaviour is not to shake hands with women.

He is also guilty of showing his diminished social skills.

I’m not at all surprised that his contract was terminated ahead of time. He has displayed all the reasons to why it was perfectly correct to terminate in advance.

Unfortunately, he will win the case!


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