Boundless apologism

In Sweden, the aftermath of the devastating attack on the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

The apologists are gathering their wits about them and are striding forth do do massive, correctional battle.

This is from the today’s (2015-01-08) editorial in Aftonbladet, one of two major evening newspapers. The editorial is signed but the same ideas has been brought forth also by others.

(sv) ”Mord och terrorism har inte mer med islam att göra än det har med kristendom, judendom eller hinduism. Men det hindrar inte att alla muslimer riskerar att drabbas om en liten grupp terrorister tar sig rätten att skapa sin bild av en världsreligion. Därför finns också risken att muslimer runt om i Europa blir offer för gårdagens attentat.”

(en) ”Murder and terrorism has no more to do with Islam than with Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism. But that does not prevent all Muslims from being at risk if a small group of terrorists assume the right to create his vision of a world religion. Therefore, there is also the risk that Muslims around Europe become victims of yesterday’s attacks.

This is the work of the apologists! We must at all costs disassociate the wanton slaughter of the principal editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo from anything that even remotely touches on Islam.

Why is this wrong?

The terrorists were, of course, inspired by something major unless they’d spent the entire Christmas and New Year smoking Spice or taking MDPV (bath salts). And I really don’t think the the root cause was that they didn’t like the rendition of the satirical cartoons themselves.

The attack came after CH published a satirical cartoon of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current leader of the Da’ish (ISIS or ISIL) in Syria and Iraq.

Like the inquisition acted in the interest of Catholicism, and the crusaders as well, so did the men who staged the very much planned and prepared attacked on CH on Wednesday morning, January 7th 2015 act in the interest of Islam.

Of course according to their interpretation and we may argue over that one for a long time!

Does anybody for one moment think that the Rote Armee Fraktion/Baader-Meinhof-gang (German left-wing terrorists) didn’t act on behalf of socialism and that they stopped being socialists the moment of their first act of terror?

The Italian Propaganda Due – P2 – a masonic lodge – had, in real life, nothing at all to do with whatever gathers within the obscurity of free masonry?

So, the slayers of at least twelve people in Paris, whilst shouting the occasional Allahu Akbar, had absolutely nothing at all to do with Islam!

Why are the apologists so quick to act now? Of course because of the substantial Muslim-European community. There can be no other reason.

The initial reactions amongst mostly people on the left side of the political spectrum here in Sweden was to not utter one single word about the mindless killing and the victims, but rather to voice fears that Islamophobia would now increase, more PEGIDA-like movements might pop up and that various nationalistic parties would advance even more.

No one has tried to disassociate the SS-Totenkpofverbände from Nazism the moment the first victim died in the extermination camps of Nazi Germany. No one has tried to disassociate Mao Zedong from communism the instant the first victim of the cultural revolution died. And who in his right mind would make apologies for Stalin?

And why, in God’s name, did the Pope apologize for the paedophile priests lurking in the dark hallways of various orphanages, schools and churches all over the world, preying upon the innocent young boys, if they, surely, must have stopped being Catholics the very first moment the mid-sections of their cassocks started pouting?

Oh, no! Only Islam must be apologized at all cost! Even if it runs as high as the 12, so far, dead at Charlie Hebdo and we have no idea at all about what will be coming in the future.


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