Letter to an email friend II

In a response email abot the Köln (Colonge) “incident”, as some dearly love to see it, I responded what you can read below.

Yes, it’s strange that it took so long for this story to really break. First, it broke late even in Germany. Local media picked it up first but that took probably at least a day. Then came national and international media.

The basic reason, however, was of course that the perps are MENA men! That’s the way it is!

The people identified in Cologne are: nine Algerians, eight Moroccans, five Irani, four Syrians and two Germans. I don’t know how Germans identify Germans, though. In Sweden all those men would be identified as Swedes – see last part of this mail. It is possible the Germans are citizens with foreign background and they can also be born in Germany but I doubt their names are Karl or Heinz.

The remaining three are from Iraq, Serbia and the US of A no less! Hehehe What the hell are you up to over there??? 😉 Serbs are, as you know, generally Christians and not Muslims. Also, Serbia isn’t such a backwards country as most MENA countries are by our standards. Serbia is at least European.

I doubt that this really had anything at all to do with religion, though. However, it is striking that the vast majority of the people apprehended are from Muslim countries. Religion does play a part but indirectly. Islam is effectively stopping all progress and, therefore, Muslim countries still have a long way to go where women’s rights are concerned.

Those responsible for the propaganda machine here [in Sweden] immediately, as soon as everybody actually already knew this was not done by ethnic Germans and also got confirmation unofficially from other less “controlled” media, started talking about how this is the fault of MEN! And DRUNKEN MEN no less.

They forgot a small detail. The fact that DRUNKEN MEN have existed here for centuries and have never ever displayed this kind of behaviour before. Especially that should have been an age long plague up here in the liquor belt… Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Hell, in the olden days labourers would actually partially get paid with both beer and hard spirits! The reason? Water couldn’t be trusted plus only two ways of preserving food; salting – massively – or drying it.

But, nooooo! This has NOTHING what so ever to do with immigrants and least of all with Islam! Of course not! How fascist to even hold that thought even for a fraction of a second. The propaganda machine needed some time to start turning and gear up before all the whitewashing could start in earnest. This is NOT about ethnicity. It’s about MEN. DRUNKEN MEN!

Also irritating is when the propaganda machine loses it totally over being criticized for having taken so long to write about this and also about, really, covering up the facts until the very moment when it’s just plain imbecile to deny them. That perhaps it wasn’t just DRUNKEN MEN at all. The response to this critique, about “not writing about it” has been called lots of foul stuff in MSM.

As a comparison, in 2015 a woman was raped multiple times by a bunch of, initially labeled as  SWEDISH, men (probably DRUNKEN, too) on a ferry to Finland. Lo and behold! I think one of those men may have had a Swedish citizenship. A few may have had residence (asylum) here and at least one, I think, was still an asylum seeker! All from MENA as far as I can remember. Swedish men? Nah! Don’t think so! The propaganda machine here is very good!

What is not true in this, as some may (want to) think is that there were 1000 drunken or not MENA men out there in Cologne. It was New Year’s eve and there were plenty of DRUNKEN GERMAN MEN out and about. But they probably had nothing at all to do with this. They were just celebrating.

On the other hand…

If there really was 1000, drunken or not, MENA men out there on that night. In smaller groups of up to 30 men per group… With the intention to do this… Then this is something that needs to be dealt with soonest. And clamped down on so hard none of the involved will ever be able to stand up straight again for the remainder of their natural lives.


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