Erdogan should be one happy guy right now

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The military coup in Turkey has failed and this probably has to do with something that happened a few years ago. Erdogan started a clean-up among the senrior, high-ranking officers. He used various trumped up charges to deal with the ever Kemal Atatürk-faithful military. Oh, Erdogan dealt with prosecutors, police and judges as well as with journalists.

And he replaced them with people either possibly members of but at least faithful to his AKP, the Islamist party in charge.

What happened recently was probably a group of mid-level military who overestimated themselves and the support they were counting on. They may also have been tricked into acting. Or goaded. They were either premature or years too late. Perhaps they’re those famous frogs in the boiling water. The water started boiling quite a while ago and the support they may have been hoping for just isn’t there anymore.

Erdogan also managed to mobilize his followers, the trustworthy AKP members and sympathizers. He got them out into the streets to challenge what military forces were in action. This has not really ever happened before when the military has overthrown civilian leadership.

And the people in the streets, like the good Islamists, didn’t back down so the military had to open fire. And this has really never happened during a coup, either.

And in the moment those troops opened up, their doom was sealed! Their leader had to give up, because you can’t really take power in a country while at the same time fire on your own people. There’s usually plenty of time for that afterwards. When power has been secured.

Also, the insurgents did not secure Erdogan, the PM or other important ministers of government before starting. Big mistake! That left Erdogan talking to CNN Turk and his followers via a smart phone!

So far it seems that Erdogan’s feet are shod with steel and coming down real hard. 2700 judges have been fired! Lots of military but also some police and militia will probably be arrested, tried by new judges – loyal to Erdogan, his AKP party and Islamism – and sent to rot in prison.

This coup really has back-fired to the extent that the Turkey that comes out of this is something we have never seen before and something we don’t want to have. At least not close to EU borders.

And Erdogan’s plans of making himself into one omnipotent leader may have been advanced by years as a result of this bungled coup. And it was done in just took a few hours!

Erdogan now has the chance of doing what he’s been wanting to do for a long time and he has every “legal” reason to do it!

How this will affect Europe, the Middle East and possibly also NATO is yet to be discovered.

Another reason to why this will probably have a very bloody afterbirth is that Erdogan must at all cost secure his new position. There can be no room for leniency.

And my personal problem is that Turkey will turn into an openly Islamic/Islamist state much, much sooner and there will be no going back. This also means that they Turkish military has been declawed and defanged Probably for good! What we witnessed was just the corpse of the secular, but by no means benevolent, Turkish military twitching a bit. It should lie still after this has been mopped up.


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