Is it OK to ban the burkini?

Not too long ago, it was common for women in Christian countries to cover themselves. It still is in some, particularly, Catholic and orthodox Christian countries. Women covered their hair, arms and legs.

The rich ladies wore hats, some with a thin veil of gauze. Dresses with long sleeves or, if the sleeves were short, long gloves. Ankle length gowns or, if the gown was a tad shorter, high, laced boots. Women with less money usually wore a kerchief over their hair. Often black. Black dresses.

Then came enlightenment, in this case secularization and emancipation. As religion was pushed ever further back into the homes, churches and temples, women could wear any clothes they liked. Or, in some cases, less clothes!

In the end, Sweden ended up as one of the two most secularized countries in the world.

So… Is it OK to wear the burkini?

Basically, women are allowed to wear what they want, so burkinis should be OK. But, and this is an important but…

We have striven to abolish religious influence. Why should we get it back?

Why should we allow women, whom we have striven to liberate, the means to shut themselves back in?

Women have a given right to education, life in general and political life, work and financial independence, the right to their own bodies and their right to abortion, political freedom and the right to inherit their husbands and fathers.

Now suddenly the call is out! Allow women to box themselves in! And we should allow it?

No way!


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