When the obvious becomes racial profiling


The Swedish government has decided that more immigrants whose application for asylum has been rejected must leave the country. The problem is massive and no one really know just how many people remain when they should have left.

There are plenty of Swedes who volunteer when it comes to support and logistics. People are given access to living, transport, money and safety. But then also our society lends support.

People who have no right to stay are called paper-less. They don’t have any documents. No passports, no id cards. They have nothing. Still, their children are allowed to go to school just like any other child. There is health care available with no questions asked. And this is regulated in law.

When you have managed to keep away from the police for four years, you are entitled to renew your application for asylum and thus the merry-go-round starts up for one more ride. If migration services denies you right residence you can appeal and appeal and appeal. And then you can go into hiding and repeat the process after another four years.

In order to find these people and oust them by force, if necessary, means that the police must really start looking. Right now, this is basically limited to checking for people with an outstanding warrant when legally checking identity in an unrelated matter.

Now, the government wants police to be able to raid workplaces, to take people’s finger prints, even children, and to confiscate id cards and passports if found.

And the call is out! Now, the police will use racial profiling to catch those who have no right, by law, to stay in Sweden.

And the fear is that all people with black hair, brown eyes and darker skin will routinely be checked out. And of course this is nonsense!

Or is it really nonsense?

Let’s face it, people! The five countries that we take in most asylum seekers from are Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. Honestly, do these countries’ populations consist of blond, blue-eyed and fair skinned people?

The protests that the government receive now has nothing at all to do with racial profiling. It has to do with the idea that no person can be illegal, and they’re not – it’s just their remaining which is illegal, and that we should allow all these, and more, to stay. So don’t be fooled by talk about racial profiling. It’s not at all about that.


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