Absurdistan I

Before coming to Sweden as a refugee in 2015, a, now, 21 y/o man married a, now probably, 14 y/o girl! She was also his cousin!

The young man took his wife with him to Sweden probably together with his father.

Social services in the municipality where they lived didn’t like the situation. Hubbie moved to another town and the girl kept, probably, living with her inlaws. Yup! At least with her husband’s father!

Her husband still visited her and made her pregnant. The girl is now seven months into her pregnancy.

Social services decided to separate the pair by taking the underaged girl into custody and, learning about this, the husband and his father became “violent” at the social services office. Police was called and they took one person with them for questioning. Unknown if it was the husband or his father.

Then the social services office was shut down because of security issues! Hah! The girl was taken into custody and taken to a psychiatric ward!

Sooooo… The, according to Swedish law, pedophile – well… hebephile or ephebophile – husband wants to keep violating at least two, maybe three, laws!

  • First, he’s not allowed to screw his underage wife.
  • He may perhaps not be able to screw her until she turns 18.
  • We do not allow marriage under the age of 18.

He’s also made her pregnant!

Learning about the decision of the social services, he and/or his father attacked the social workers, probably threatened to kill people. Police arrives, takes one into custody, then frees this person – although he is still under investigation, while the social services sees fit to relocate to a new and secret office for a while!!!

Also, the father in law claims that the girl was actually born two years earlier than what’s stated on her birth certificate! He means that birth certificates are notoriously incorrect in Syria!

That would make the girl 16 years old and, basically, legal! To fuck! Not to marry, though! Only we don’t dissolve marriages legal in other countries even though they may contravene our laws.

There are at least 120+ known “child brides” in Sweden! And we have no idea about the number of cases we don’t know about!

NOTE Picture does NOT depicte the couple referred to in this post.


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