NYE, Möllevången Malmö

Feast your eyes on New Year’s Eve celebrations at Möllevången square, Malmö (yes, that Malmö!), Sweden in the year of our Lord 2016.

If you need to, rerun the video and look for just how many women are out in the streets. Also look for men with the Nordic pale complexion and blond hair.

See many?

Consider last year’s NYE celebrations in Köln, Germany – Cologne to the rest of you – and also here in Sweden. Remember all those mass attacks on women. Yup! That’s why you don’t see that many women out and about in the video. Many decided not to go out or, if they did, in the company of men or plenty of other women.

Consider the inclination of those fireworks! Many (few?) aren’t fired straight up into the sky they way they were intended. They’re fired almost horizontally. And they’re not all the small harmless ones that just peel of with a high-pitched squeal.

Considering that many of the people living in Malmö has come from the volatile and violent Middle East, I guess they’re homesick!

Similar scenes played out in other places in Sweden. Perhaps not with the same intensity. Firecrackers have been set off inside stores, buses, fired through mail slots in apartment doors, thrown into prams, shot at buses, ambulances, police vehicles and people working to get the snow off of the roads and sidewalks.

And, no, this was not the first year!


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